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Feed Mill Plant

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The feed mill Pellet Factory of Savana Production Group, whose construction started in 2011, began its operations in the second half of 2013 with the aim of producing ready-made pellets and crumble.

This unit is equipped with an area of 20,000 square meters and with an annual production capacity of 90000 tons of pellet and crumble with the most advanced equipment’s for production of international standards. This unit with nave and storage silos with the capacity of 30,000 tons is one of the most quality feed production units in the country.

The use of the latest technology and devices in the construction of the feed, the principled design of the production line, the use of the latest and most intelligent automation software with Siemens and Schneider technology in Germany, continuous monitoring in the production process and strict observance of the principles of quality control of materials to the product Ultimately, the existence of a lab equipped with food and microbial analysis is all the hallmark of this plant. The factory is responsible for the production of ready-made pellets and crumble for the breeding of chicken and broiler breeders of the Savana production Group, and, according to the general policy of the group, production based on scientific and practical principles, continuous progress, and promotion of the quality of products at the top of our work. In this regard, the feed production unit is in the process of exchanging information and continuous interaction with poultry nutritionists and professors from reputable universities inside and outside the country and knowledge-based companies in order to keep pace with the science of the day and to achieve the highest goals of the Savana production Group.

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Transportation System

Savana’s bunker carrier is used to carry pelleted feed from the feed mill to poultry houses and has a capacity of typically 5 to 15 tons. The bunkers use a screw system to discharge loads.

Advantages of the carrier with the Bunker:

1- Reducing the transmission of contaminations and the spread of disease: Protecting and maintaining the storage site It is difficult and, to some extent, impracticable to infect rodents, insects and birds.
2. Increased pellet stability: Considering the positive impact of pellets on animal performance, it is necessary to consider all the factors affecting the strength and quality of the pellet loading, transfer, unloading and storage processes.
3. Removing the cost of the bag and the worker: By removing bagging, you can save a significant amount per kilowatt in addition to expediting loading and discharging and reducing human intervention.